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Our Founders


Jamie graduated from The University of Sussex in 2000 with a degree in Development Studies that he wanted to put to some use in ethical business. He became involved in alternative fuels and eco-transport and by chance he met Martin Kunz at a biofuel conference in Wales. Martin is a long established Fair Trade expert and a global authority on Fairtrade footballs, so together they moved from biofuels to Fairtrade footballs and in 2004 formed Fair Deal Trading with the import of 500 Fairtrade certified footballs.

After two years Jamie decided that with their manufacturing capabilities and Martin’s Fair Trade expertise it was high time they developed a range of Fair Trade footwear. This led to the birth of the ETHLETIC brand, one of the most ethical fashion products in the world.

Before graduating Jamie worked in a plurality of fields from being manager of a Sushi shop to a Caribbean chef and a brief stint as en election monitor for the United Nations in Kosovo. In 1998 he took part in an aid convey from Brighton to the former Yugoslavia which bought supplies direct to Women’s refugees in Bosnia.  He is an active member of the Green Party, a keen and dedicated cyclist and occasional canoeist.


While Jamie was working hard on his new company John was learning about websites and working on Google, blogs, Facebook and lots of other website type things for various companies including Hackett, the British menswear brand, and a new retail website start-up, with one of the co-founders of ASOS. Fed-up with commuting up to London from Brighton, and missing spending time with his wife, John was looking to escape!

Jamie knew John through a mutual friend called Dan, who John went to Uni with. They saw each other at Dan’s wedding and started talking about working together. John craved a more ethical approach to retail and hated getting up really early in the morning for the train. In the style of ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur', a final meeting in the pub sealed the deal and Fair Corp was born in April 2011.

John loves all sports, these days mainly from the comfort of his armchair, but during his youth he played rugby for Harlequins and was a keen cyclist, riding many of the famous climbs on the Tour De France (with his Dad). Uni, beer, club promoting, festivals, gigs, fashion, vintage clothes, social media, starting a new business and a young family seem to have put paid to many of his early sporting dreams and ambitions, but he is still a sportsman at heart.

Now rediscovering his love of all things velo, Jamie is teaching him more about ethical production, recycling and he is still trying to fit everything else in!