Welcome To Our New Website - Tell Us What You Think?

We hope you like our new imagery

Welcome to our brand spanking new website!

Over recent months you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been going through some changes, we’re no longer Fair Deal Trading UK, we’re now called Fair Corp and we’ve just launched this our new website.

Fair to people & planet

Putting people and the environment first is still at the heart of everything we do, and we still offer you our range of ethical and eco footwear, homeware and sportsballs.

We think you’ll like our new website because…

  • It’s easier to move around than our old website
  • We’ve improved all our imagery
  • Special offers – everyone likes a deal after all
  • More information on our products including better sizing information
  • Easily accessible information on how your purchases help people

Late nights – any mistakes?

We’ve had a few late nights getting the website ready, and we’ve done our best to try to get everything working first time. But we are only human, so if you spot anything you think is wrong or something doesn’t work like you think it should please let us know, by emailing us.

Please include as much detail as possible and the name of the page that your looking at. We will then look at the problem as soon as we can.

Win a pair of ETHLETIC trainers

As a thank you we will be selecting a customer at random who sends us feedback to win a free pair of ETHLETIC trainers.

So tell us what you think good and bad by emailing us here.


  • any one who sells fair trade rubber preserving rings is alright with me!

    all looks good.. although this bit needs a little more explanation with the capcha bar pass word bit : )

    • Thanks Alex for your feedback, glad you like our Fair Trade rubber products! We’ve made a amend to the capcha password bit to make it clearer

  • Bought a few pairs of ETHLETIC trainers off you and always been very happy with them. Fantastic work you’re doing! Much needed alternative to all the massive brands that rip so many people off. This company is great for both the producers and the customers with excellent quality products. Always very supportive of Organic and Fairtrade produce and will be a loyal customer for as long as you’re selling stuff The new website looks great! Very simple and fresh xx

    • Thanks Dave, glad your a fan and that you like the new website, don’t forget you can save 25% until Sunday 6th November by using the vouchercode SAVENOW - may be for early Christmas shopping?

  • On the whole I like your site. It is straight forward and looks well thought through. I have been buying ethletics for a few years now and love them so also believe in your product and ethos.

    It would help if there was one or a few catchy statements on your home page to give the ‘browser’ a clear and instant idea of who & what you are. Same goes on the about us page which only has pictures and no immediate statements. Finally, I would prefer to see a picture at the top of your blog page as it looks like alot to digest.

    Hope that helps & good luck with everything.


    • Thanks Sonia for your feedback, some great ideas there, we’ll add this to our list of ideas / things to change

    • Thanks Sonia, we were going to add a strapline under our logo but we have been thinking long and hard about what it should be, so we left it off for now (watch this space). Great idea on adding an image to the blog, we’ll add this to our future development list.

  • I’ve just had a look to your new web site and I loved how quick is to register for buying your products! And I found very useful all the new pictures in the footwear section, showing much better than before each colour and model type. We’ve done a great job! But I think it’s a shame for all those people like me who are living outside UK because you don’t provide overseas deliveries. I really hope you can do it one day!!

  • Your website is nicely laid out, everything is clearly labeled and most importantly everything seems to work ok

  • I like the new website - easy to navigate and understand.

    I love the hi tops - I live in my Converse but usually buy them in the sales for around £25. I’m not sure how to convince people to pay the extra for ethical shoes, especially in this climate when many people don’t have spare cash (maybe a celebrity endorsement?). Also, there’s nowhere obvious which says what kind of payment you accept. In clicking through to check-out, it all looks a bit time consuming - a Paypal option for payment would be good as people can just pay quickly & securely without having to create a profile etc (that always puts me off, personally).

    I love the rubber band ball. It would be great if you could get the Royal Mail to use your rubber bands and maybe sponsor the communities who are making the products - then those pesky red bands the postie leaves all over the street wouldn’t be so annoying. Best, Stella

    • Thanks for the feedback Stella, we hope people will be prepared to pay more for their ethical footwear, safe in the knowledge that we pay our producers fairly and they can choose where the Fairtrade / Fair Trade premiums are spent.

      We have other payment methods on our future development list, so Paypal will be at the top of the list. We’ve previously tried to get Royal Mail to stock the rubber bands but unfortunately they weren’t interested in stocking them.

  • Just a quick bit of feedback on the new site. It looks clean and uncluttered, which is a good thing. However, a couple of areas for possible improvement (in my opinion) are:

    Firstly, a minor point that you ask for gender in the registration process but also state this as being optional. It’s not optional when your drop-down menu only has the option of male or female. If you do intend for it to be optional then either have an open field to fill in or a third option as something like “prefer not to say”.

    Second point, i was surprised at having to register to buy products. I can genuinely see that turning a lot of people off from completing their purchase - i was tempted to close the window. Is it necessary? Can it not be an option for those who see they’ll visit again and want their details remembered? I imagine a lot of people finding the site from reading about ethical footwear, they probably hadn’t planned to spend time registering and sharing details with a company they’re at the beginning of building a rapport with.

    Third (and last) point, the purchase process (from basket onwards) is quite long. Are all of the stages necessary? At the Sagepay tick-box stage i was unsure what i was being shown - in the respect that there were no alternative options, meaning there wasn’t really much need for me to take an action to click the only available way to proceed. I was again tempted to abandon the process at this point, I didn’t know what Sagepay is and don’t imagine many people do. I thought it might be something like Paypal, in which case i was expecting to be directed to another window to register an account with them as well. Thankfully i wasn’t. Still, i thought that was another point where you could lose customers.

    In brief, i’m sure when my trainers turn up i’ll be as pleased with them as i have been with the ones i’ve bought from you before. Still, although the new site is bright and tidy i think the path from front page to having made a purchase could be made simpler and therefore quicker/clearer.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks Mike glad you like the site, and for your detailed feedback, very useful.

      The male/female dropdown is on our web developers list to fix, we will poke him with a stick to get him to fix it ASAP.

      Fair point on registration, many sites now get you to do this, but we’ll take a look at this again.

      The purchase process is a bit too long, we did have it shorter but a nasty bug appeared so we’ve had to add a couple of stages in again, we’ll reduce it down as soon as we can.

      Really appreciate your feedback, thanks for taking the time to write it.

  • good site - clear concise - easy to navigate - really interesting articles and great info abouth goods

    fave thing is your links to blogs ect = well done


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