Drink, Eat, Wear & Play - Take a Step for Fairtrade Fortnight (27 Feb - 11 March)

I was wondering what to write about for next week’s Fairtrade Fortnight and the Fairtrade Foundation‘s Take a Step campaign. What brands should I talk about? What steps have I taken for Fairtrade? What steps are our customers making?

Fairtrade Foundation - Take a Step in 2012

Fairtrade Foundation - Take a Step in 2012


What I realised was that there was so much I could talk about, which has got to be a good thing. For one the Fairtrade label is now well known and I can now buy with confidence in so many shops and cafes. From the coffee we freshly make in the office every morning (Sainsbury’s Fairtade So Organic, Percol, Cafe Direct - we do like to mix it up) to the tea and instant coffee I drink at home from Clipper and the bananas and flowers I buy from Waitrose. We can now even nibble on Harry’s Nuts, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and wash ourselves in Visionary Soap. all which makes it easy to take a step for Fairtrade.

Percol Fairtrade Coffee

Percol Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade is established in fashion too, writing this I’m even wearing my favourite pair of purple Fairtrade Pants to Poverty and a Fairtrade organic cotton tshirt from SPUK and in my wardrobe I’ve got lots of things from People Tree. And this morning I’ve just read a double page spread in the Metro on Fairtrade fashion including Fairtrade gold jewellery, so it’s easy to step out in Fairtrade style.

Fairtrade Pants to Poverty

Fairtrade Pants to Poverty

We were really excited when the Fairtrade Foundation told us about this year’s theme Take a Step - it fits our Fairtrade footballs and Fairtrade trainers perfectly as both are foot-based. Over the country we have thousands of customers taking Fairtrade steps, everytime they put their ETHLETIC trainers on.

In the office we tried to estimate how many steps people over the years in had taken our trainers, but the numbers got so big and confusing that we had to give up. How often do people wear our trainers versus their other shoes was just the tip of the discussion! It’s safe to say there have been millions and millions of Fairtrade steps in our ETHLETIC shoes over the years.

ETHLETIC Trainers - Fairtrade Trainers

ETHLETIC Trainers - Fairtrade Trainers

Plus there are hundreds of schools and football clubs up and down the country playing with our Fairtrade footballs and sportsballs - so how many steps have there been during those games for Fairtrade? We didn’t even try to work this one out, how many steps do primary school kids take in a game versus a youth club game was just one conundrums we asked?

Fairtrade Football - Premier High Vis Fairtrade Football

Fairtrade Football - Premier High Vis Fairtrade Football

So what steps can you take for Fairtrade? Well there’s no excuse, every time you walk into shop or cafe look out for the Fairtrade mark and buy Fairtrade. If it isn’t there ask the retailer nicely why they don’t stock Fairtrade or even write to their head office - little steps will become big steps and retailers will listen.

Take a step now and get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight - register your steps here

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Shop Fairtrade Footballs now



What the Papers Say…

As the New Year is creeping up on us, we have decided to reflect on the fantastic coverage we have recently had.

During the summer we featured in The Times Style magazine displaying our ethical trainers in their men’s section. In October our Fairtrade Hi-Top trainers were vibrantly presented in the Telegraph’s Christmas Guide and Marie Claire included us in their ‘guilt-free guide’ to Christmas presents for their December issue.




Fellow ethical company People Tree also featured our eco-friendly trainers in their Autumn Winter 2011 catalogue! We are very excited to see what 2012 brings us and will keep you updated with our news along the way. Keep an eye out for our products in the media and let us know your thoughts!







We wish you a Merry Christmas from us here at Fair Corp.

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Pants to Poverty!

Just in time for Christmas, Fair Corp are offering you a new line of ethical, Fairtrade fashion in the form of organic underwear! We are selling a fantastic range bought to you by our friends at Pants to Poverty who are passionate about making poverty history.

Their Fairtrade pants are cool, classic and completely ethical, so not only will you look great wearing these timeless pants but you will feel great and guilt-free too!

£1 is donated to the Pants to Poverty charity for every pair sold which supports their farmer projects in India.

We are offering a great, new range of the Pants to Poverty’s collection available for both men and women. Take a look at the classic, Fairtrade and organic cotton pants today for the perfect ethical Christmas present.

Red Light Campaign Fashion Show

Last week Fair Corp’s friend Jo headed to East London for Traffick-Stopping Vintage – an ethical fashion event organised by Red Light Campaign.

Using ethical fashion to bring the issue of human trafficking to the fore, the Red Light Campaign was encouraging consumers to question the labour behind the label, and promoting beautiful clothes which are made from sustainable fabrics by fairly treated workers.

Held in the glamorous Avalon in the heart of Shoreditch, the evening started with talks from Ann Hamilton, the General Manager of the Human Trafficking Foundation and sustainable fashion expert Amisha Ghadiali. This was followed by a catwalk featuring leading ethical designers such as From Somewhere, People Tree, and ETHLETIC as well as donated products from Lily Cole which were auctioned to raise funds for the campaign.

ETHLETIC trainers looked great on the catwalk, paired with a cropped bomber jacket and faux leather leggings.

The show raised approximately £2,500!

After the fashion show we caught up with Talia Chain, founder of Red Light Campaign who told us all about their passion for ethical fashion…

Why did you feel it was important for Red Light Campaign to focus on sustainable fashion?

Firstly Red Light Campaign understands the excitement and draw of fashion which engages people in the way other mediums cannot. Fashion has given us a platform in a wider audience to bring to the fore issues about human trafficking.  Secondly, ethical fashion asks the consumer to question the labour behind the label and the ethics of prioritizing, consumption and production over humanity.

Red Light Campaign promotes the idea that a beautiful piece of clothing can be made from sustainable fabrics, by fairly treated workers and will last through the seasons moving from one loving owner to the next.

What are your favourite ethical fashion brands?

Well we love so many! I started buying ETHLETIC trainers long before I knew much about ethical fashion - they are great. The ethical fashion boutique Fashion Compassion sell beautiful clothes and we also love some of the bigger names such as Ada Zanditon, Emesha, From Somewhere and People Tree.  One of our favourite new designers is Jennifer Sturrock who sells stunning jewellery as well as clothes.

What are the charity’s plans for the future?

The charity has a variety of plans for the future.  We are looking forward to collaborations with other human trafficking charities where we will be showcasing our photographs as well as coordinating another fashion show next year in time for anti-slavery week. During Christmas and the New Year we will be expanding our exhibition by working with the Helen Bamber Foundation’s photographic society. The foundation is focused on the rehabilitation of survivors of torture and, among many other projects, co-ordinates groups where the survivors have a creative outlet. The society will be taking photos, which we will add to our exhibition under their name, about their identity using their relationship to clothes.

Finally, Fair Copr readers would love to keep updated on your news – do you have plans to hold any other ethical fashion fundraising events?

Definitely. We have had much interest in doing collaborations with ethical fashion designers for the coming year which we are in the process of organising.  We will also organise another fashion show on a larger scale in time for Anti-Slavery Day next year jointly with another charity soon to be announced.

We can’t wait to hear more from the Red Light Campaign – so watch this space and check out our range of ETHLETIC ethical trainers now!


(Photo - Claudia by Michael Baron)

Our ETHLETIC Autumn / Winter 11 Photo Shoot

Shooting our new Autumn / Winter 2011 photos was never going to be a problem - right? Great models check, nice locations check, cool Monkee Genes check, ETHLETIC trainers in all colours check, some nice printed tshirts and hoodies from Flawless Clothing check, great Brighton weather no!

Meeting early morning on Brighton beach, so early we couldn’t get a coffee from anywhere, the rain and wind hit us from the sea. It was time for plan B, head in land and hope the weather gets better….it didn’t.

Our general theme was to use some of the great street art and graffiti around the streets of Brighton, the rain meant we were limited on some of the locations we could use.


George in front of Req's artwork

To keep our spirits up there were regular coffee breaks and a nice lunch in the Dumb Waiter in the North Laines. We finished as the sun went down and headed straight to the Cobblers Thumb pub for much needed warmth and beer.

George & Tanja on stairs

Thanks to the models George and Tanja, photographer Pezhman, Monkee Genes, Flawless Clothing, all the helpers and any of the artists that feature in the shoot, Req is one, and we think one is (sorry if we missed anyone out) and Dave who put this wonderful behind the scenes video together..check it out now…

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Happy Socks for a Happy Christmas

Fair Corp is delighted to be selling a range of ethical, organic socks that will make your Christmas that little bit merrier. We offer a choice of three styles to choose from.


Affirmation Socks - Turquoise / Aqua

Firstly, the Affirmation socks range comes in a variety of vibrant colours that will leave you smiling throughout the day just like this organic Turquoise / Aqua sock shown here.

Tucked out of sight, the words ‘TODAY I WILL SMILE AND FEEL GOOOOD!’ give a cheeky hidden message to brighten up your festive season without anyone else knowing why!




What Lies Beneath - Orange / Slate Socks

The What Lies Beneath styles are great gifts for the smarter-sock wearer with a hidden cheeky side.

They reveal a sneak peak of an animal image covered by the rest of your shoes.

They also come in a variety of contrasting colours on a black, organic cotton sock like this Orange / Slate sock shown on the right.

Have a look to see which style is your favourite!




Proportional Socks Charcoal / Pink / Green

The final range we offer is a Christmas fave – the Proportional Striped Socks. These fab feet-warmers are not only a fantastic ethical present but illustrate a fun or interesting fact through the proportion of each stripe!

An innovative and exciting idea that gets everyone chatting.

These organic striped socks shown on the left are the popular Charcoal / Pink / Green style - an instant Christmas classic.




Not only do the Socks for Happy People range look great, they are all made with organic cotton and come in recycled packaging making them an excellent eco-friendly Christmas gift.

If you’re just as excited as us – take a look at the full range of Socks for Happy People here to grab a great ethical Christmas gift or simply to spoil yourself.

‘Inspired’ Charity Fashion Show

ETHLETIC Trainers on the Catwalk

On Friday 15thOctober 2011 Mayamiko Trust collaborated with Slaves for the Extraordinary to host an electrifying charity event at The Roof Gardens, Kensington, London for ‘Inspired’. Our very own ETHLETIC trainers were strutting their stuff along the catwalk (as pictured).


Mayamiko Trust is a UK registered charity that seeks to build sustainable skills and a production centre in Lilongwe, Malawi. Their trainees (most of which are HIV positive) are currently learning and working outdoors. They joined forces with Slaves of the Extraordinary; a group of talented creatives who, through their collective works, showcased the height of forward fashion thinking, imagination and creativity. Together they organised an evening consisting of flowing bubbly, ethical fashion, and fresh & funky music.

Lucy Harvey from Ethical Stylist kindly sent over these great photos of our shoes on the catwalk. We think the model looks fab, especially in their Fairtrade footwear!

Photos by Stefan Klenke 

Tread Softly in the World’s First Fairtrade Organic Footwear

The World’s first Fairtrade and Organic Footwear

ETHLETIC shoes may look like an iconic American baseball shoe but our logos tell a very different story. The ETHLETIC range of shoes were the first in the world to be awarded the Fairtrade label for cotton.

The ETHLETIC shoes are made with organic cotton that is produced in India under Fairtrade certification meaning a premium is paid to the producers. This supports education and welfare projects in Rajita’s local community.

They also carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo – which means the rubber plantations that the soles are made from are managed in an eco friendly way.

Even the final construction of ETHLETIC shoes is covered by a Fair Trade project that supports workers and their families in Pakistan. All of which makes ETHLETIC one of the most ethical and eco friendly shoe brands in the world.

ETHLETIC organic Fairtrade footwear come in a range of great colours and are available in both low and high-cut styles. The design of the shoe includes an arch support for cushioned, comfortable and relaxed feet. We also offer wide fit and kids sizes. Prices start from just £35.

Help support a fairer world where people and the environment come first, shop ETHLETIC Fairtrade & organic shoes now.

Make a splash with Fair Trade Wellies!

Now that the rainy season is well and truly upon us, what better time to splash out on a pair of stylish eco-friendly wellies? Better still, they are not only hand-made from Fair Trade and FSC certified rubber, but they are superbly comfortable.

These limited edition green and blue wellingtons are only available from the GreenTips™ online shop at www.thefaircorp.com

Go on, re-live your childhood and find all those puddles to splash around in!

If all that sounds like too much hard work, why not buy a pair as the ultimate ethical Christmas gift for someone special? But hurry, these limited edition wellington boots will not be in stock for long.