Happy Socks for a Happy Christmas

Fair Corp is delighted to be selling a range of ethical, organic socks that will make your Christmas that little bit merrier. We offer a choice of three styles to choose from.


Affirmation Socks - Turquoise / Aqua

Firstly, the Affirmation socks range comes in a variety of vibrant colours that will leave you smiling throughout the day just like this organic Turquoise / Aqua sock shown here.

Tucked out of sight, the words ‘TODAY I WILL SMILE AND FEEL GOOOOD!’ give a cheeky hidden message to brighten up your festive season without anyone else knowing why!




What Lies Beneath - Orange / Slate Socks

The What Lies Beneath styles are great gifts for the smarter-sock wearer with a hidden cheeky side.

They reveal a sneak peak of an animal image covered by the rest of your shoes.

They also come in a variety of contrasting colours on a black, organic cotton sock like this Orange / Slate sock shown on the right.

Have a look to see which style is your favourite!




Proportional Socks Charcoal / Pink / Green

The final range we offer is a Christmas fave – the Proportional Striped Socks. These fab feet-warmers are not only a fantastic ethical present but illustrate a fun or interesting fact through the proportion of each stripe!

An innovative and exciting idea that gets everyone chatting.

These organic striped socks shown on the left are the popular Charcoal / Pink / Green style - an instant Christmas classic.




Not only do the Socks for Happy People range look great, they are all made with organic cotton and come in recycled packaging making them an excellent eco-friendly Christmas gift.

If you’re just as excited as us – take a look at the full range of Socks for Happy People here to grab a great ethical Christmas gift or simply to spoil yourself.

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