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Please note Fair Deal Trading has evolved to The Fair Corporation. We are still the same people offering the same great products. If you have any questions about the new name of the business please contact us through the web site. Thanks Jamie Lloyd.

ETHLETIC Sportsballs

- Fair Trade Sportsballs in a wide range of sizes and designs more...


- Low Cut Trainers, High Cut Trainers and Flip Flops more...


- Everyday products from Balloons to Rubber Gloves more...

Child Soldier Football

A limited edition Fairtrade charity size 5 football in support of 'The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers'.

ONLY £13.90

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Indoor Football Ball

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Indoor Football. A great felt indoor football that's high quality with a low bounce for indoor football.

ONLY £10.00

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Premier Football - High Vis Ball

ETHLETIC Fairtrade high visibility size 5 football. Excellent quality ball, perfect for football under floodlights or late evening football.

ONLY £15.00

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Pro Ice Football

Our best quality football. 18 strip panels.

ONLY £15.00

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Team Football Ball

The Team Football comes in a size 3, size 4 or size 5 ball. It's a high quality team and training football. It comes with 32 hand stitched panels.

ONLY £8.00

ETHLETIC High Cut Trainers - Vegetarian Shoes

Beautiful Organic cotton high cut trainers. Fairtrade certified canvass and forest friendly rubber soles. 100% vegan.

ONLY £46.00

ETHLETIC Organic High Cut Trainers - Eco Friendly

Fairtrade Certified 100% cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole made with FSC-certified rubber.

ONLY £46.00

ETHLETIC Organic Trainers Hi Cut - Organic Shoe

Fairtrade Certified 100% cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole made with FSC-certified rubber.

ONLY £46.00

ETHLETIC Organic Trainers Low Cut - Fairtrade

Organic cotton shoes with Fairtrade cotton uppers. These are ethical eco friendly shoes as they use natural rubber. Ethical footwear for men and wome

ONLY £10.00

Fairdeal Rugby Ball

Hand sewn in FSC certified rubber with outside grain.

ONLY £8.90

Football Gloves, Royal Blue

Quality hand stitched goalkeeper gloves.

ONLY £6.00


A non match standard, fun ball inspired by a case of measles. Perfect for a kick around with the kids.

ONLY £8.00

Global All-Star Football

A new and improved design of one of our most popular footballs.

ONLY £12.90

Rubber Bands

Green Tips Rubber Bands are perfect for office and home use.

ONLY £2.75

Observer Ethical Awards 2011

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The Chelsea Flower Show 2011 – Greentips Eco Wellies

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) UK were kind enough to let us share some of their stand at The ... [more]


How is the Fairtrade premium spent? How do we know the money is being used properly?

Fair Deal Trading pays a 20% fair trade premium on all of its sports balls. We also pay 20% for footwear and for our unique GreenTips Rubber™ we pay a 20% premium on every kilo of rubber tapped.

A fair trade premium is crucial to the practice of fair trade as is the right of the workers to choose how that premium is spent. All of our fair trade projects have established joint bodies which represent workers and management, these joint bodies decide how best to spend the premium in order to maximise benefits for workers and their families. An example of one such project is as follows:

The rubber for our sports balls is mainly sourced from South India. The plantation there has only recently started applying fair trade principals thanks to Fair Deal Trading. The joint body has met a number of times and has decided to save all Fair Trade premium payments as they have an ambitious plan to build up a fund from which higher education for children of the plantation workers will be paid.

Our processor in Pakistan, Talon Sports, has been participating in fair trade since 1998 so a far larger amount of fair trade premiums have been accumulated The most important measure financed is the health care project for all those involved in ball manufacturing (AND their families) - an absolute first for this type of production process. There is now a fully equipped clinic and a full time doctor, entirely paid for by our fair trade premiums.

Furthermore there is a fund for micro credits, which opens up the opportunity for workers and their families to reduce their dependency on (seasonal) orders for footballs and at the same time add to the growth of the village economy. Examples are small shops, a welding workshop and irrigation pumps for the fields. More information on these and all of our fair trade case studies can be found in the case studies section of the web site.

Another share of the premium is used to improve working conditions (lighting, ventilation, drinking water) in the stitching centres in the villages: It is a specific achievement of Fair Trade to retain stitching in the villages, in the reach of women, rather than concentrate the work in huge stitching halls near the city.

Lastly, since Fair Deal Trading voluntarily pays a higher fair trade premium than required by FLO, our supplier is the only Fairtrade certified sports company where workers receive 50% higher wages for the stitching of balls with the Fairtrade label: If everyone paid this rate families would not have to send their children to work.

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