The Fair Corporation. New name, new web address, same great products and value…

Please note Fair Deal Trading has evolved to The Fair Corporation. We are still the same people offering the same great products. If you have any questions about the new name of the business please contact us through the web site. Thanks Jamie Lloyd.

ETHLETIC Sportsballs

- Fair Trade Sportsballs in a wide range of sizes and designs more...


- Low Cut Trainers, High Cut Trainers and Flip Flops more...


- Everyday products from Balloons to Rubber Gloves more...

Child Soldier Football

A limited edition Fairtrade charity size 5 football in support of 'The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers'.

ONLY £13.90

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Indoor Football Ball

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Indoor Football. A great felt indoor football that's high quality with a low bounce for indoor football.

ONLY £10.00

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Premier Football - High Vis Ball

ETHLETIC Fairtrade high visibility size 5 football. Excellent quality ball, perfect for football under floodlights or late evening football.

ONLY £15.00

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Pro Ice Football

Our best quality football. 18 strip panels.

ONLY £15.00

ETHLETIC Fairtrade Team Football Ball

The Team Football comes in a size 3, size 4 or size 5 ball. It's a high quality team and training football. It comes with 32 hand stitched panels.

ONLY £8.00

ETHLETIC High Cut Trainers - Vegetarian Shoes

Beautiful Organic cotton high cut trainers. Fairtrade certified canvass and forest friendly rubber soles. 100% vegan.

ONLY £46.00

ETHLETIC Organic High Cut Trainers - Eco Friendly

Fairtrade Certified 100% cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole made with FSC-certified rubber.

ONLY £46.00

ETHLETIC Organic Trainers Hi Cut - Organic Shoe

Fairtrade Certified 100% cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole made with FSC-certified rubber.

ONLY £46.00

ETHLETIC Organic Trainers Low Cut - Fairtrade

Organic cotton shoes with Fairtrade cotton uppers. These are ethical eco friendly shoes as they use natural rubber. Ethical footwear for men and wome

ONLY £10.00

Fairdeal Rugby Ball

Hand sewn in FSC certified rubber with outside grain.

ONLY £8.90

Football Gloves, Royal Blue

Quality hand stitched goalkeeper gloves.

ONLY £6.00


A non match standard, fun ball inspired by a case of measles. Perfect for a kick around with the kids.

ONLY £8.00

Global All-Star Football

A new and improved design of one of our most popular footballs.

ONLY £12.90

Rubber Bands

Green Tips Rubber Bands are perfect for office and home use.

ONLY £2.75

Observer Ethical Awards 2011

Wow what a night! We were lucky enough to attend the Observer Ethical Awards 2011 at the stunning Vi... [more]

The Chelsea Flower Show 2011 – Greentips Eco Wellies

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) UK were kind enough to let us share some of their stand at The ... [more]


What is the difference between footballs offered by Fair Deal Trading and cheap footballs?

Most cheap footballs will have an outer skin made of PVC (or a blend of PVC and PU). PVC represents a serious envirmomental hazard and has been described by Greenpeace as follows:
“PVC creates environmental problems throughout its life cycle. PVC releases a cocktail of toxic chemicals that will somehow, at some stage in the process and in some form or another, end up back in the environment. The only way to end this is to phase out its use and switch to alternatives.

During the production of PVC, dioxins are created and released. Dioxins are one of the most toxic chemicals known. They have been linked to immune system problems and cancer. Dioxins are also a potent hormone disrupter.

PVC contains additives. Phthalates are added to PVC to make it more flexible. 95% of all phthalates produced are made specifically for use in PVC. Some phthalates have been found to have hormone-disrupting effects.

When its useful life is over, PVC creates further environmental and health problems. When burned in incinerators and accidental fires, dioxins are created and toxic gasses can be released. Putting PVC into landfill is no answer, as over time, it releases additives, which can threaten groundwater supplies.

Recycling PVC is difficult, results in more toxic emissions and just recycles the same problems.”

For thease reasons Fair Deal Trading does not use PVC in any of our sports balls or any of our other products also PVC balls are also of a lower quality and will wear down quicker than PU balls.

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