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Brazia - Stitching to Success

How Fairtrade Wages Benefit Workers

Twenty-year old Brazia has been stitching our Fairtrade footballs in Chagelen, a few miles away from Sialkot, Pakistan, for over a year. She enjoys Punjab music, dancing with her sisters and chatting with her friends whilst stitching our eco-friendly footballs.

Brazia, however, is keen to make more ethical footballs as she receives 47 Rupees for every Fairtrade ball made, which she agrees is a great price, opposed to only 30 Rupees for a non-Fairtrade football. 

Although the orders for Fairtrade footballs significantly improve Brazia’s life, she hopes there will be larger orders in the future to help realise her long-term plan of taking out a micro credit loan. Along with her five sisters, she aspires to open a grocery store with the loan and run a successful family business. 

To help Brazia, along with our other producers, check out our range of ETHLETIC fairtrade, eco-friendly footballs.

Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading
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