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Imran Khan - Supporting Families the Fair Trade Way

ETHLETIC Sports Ball Factory Worker

Imran Khan, aged 25 has been working in the ETHLETIC factory, Vision in Pakistan, since 2005 manufacturing Fair Trade sports ball bladders. He currently earns RS 7000, as Vision increased all minimum wages even ahead of the government's legal announcement. The only other income in the extended family is provided by his father, who works in a tyre repair shop.

After leaving school at the end of grade five, Imran worked in a rubber processing factory, which unfortunately went bankrupt but thanks to his skills he was immediately taken on by Vision. Due to his employment, most of the benefits of the Vision Fairtrade projects are available for him and all members of his family. He does a significant amount of the family's shopping in the Fair Price shop, saving about 3% on their grocery bill. These are significant savings for a family of ten, which include his parents, six sisters and two sons, on an extremely tight budget.

Imran can use the Vision pick up and drop off bus purchased with Fairtrade premium money - saving up to RS 1000 per month. The pick-up point is on the highway that passes his village, Chicharwali, just where the small road connecting the village to the outside branches off. Unusually, even the lanes in the village - which are not wide enough for cars - are mostly built with bricks or concrete, and have drains along them. This is the result of this village being the home of three former members of the provincial government.

During an eye camp organised by Vision's Fairtrade committee, his youngest sister Nadia's eye infection was diagnosed and free medicine was provided. Ten year old Nadia (pictured) goes to school in the 3rd grade but since it is her brother, not her father, who works at Vision, she did not get one of the free school bags which the joint body purchased for the children of all Vision workers involved in the making of Fairtrade certified balls. Each bag contained 32 notebooks, 48 pencils, erasers and sharpeners, with a total value of RS 750. Imran Khan's family has no land, but they do own one water buffalo, which provides milk, most of which, however, at presently goes to its calf. 

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Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading