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Kadir Ensure - Creating a Self-sufficient Community through Micro-Credit Loans

How Fairtrade Funds Micro-credit

Kadir Ensure trained as a welder for two years until he was 18 and now makes security grills and window fencing for people’s homes in Pakistan. He also repairs tools and metal furniture keeping busy with the high demand for his type of services. Kadir’s small workshop is situated on a busy road which attracts a lot of passing trade as well as retaining regular customers.  

His mother who stitches Fairtrade footballs then took out RS 180,000 micro credit loan so that Kadir could start his own welding business. He pays RS 800 a month to rent the shop he works in, spending the rest of the money on numerous power tools, compressors and welding plants. 

To pay off his micro credit loan, Kadir pays RS 30,000 a month but still manages to bring home RS 15,000 so that his mother can retire from stitching Fairtrade footballs. When his loan has been paid off in full, Kadir’s income will increase considerably.

Every Fairtrade football purchased from us pays into the welfare fund that pays for micro-credit loans for people like Kadir. He points out that without a micro credit loan it would be impossible for him to have opened his workshop as banks demand a guarantor or property to support a loan; neither of which Kadir’s family have. Kadir is looking forward to expanding his business when the loan is paid off, “I enjoy my job and want my business to grow.”

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Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading