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Khan Family - A New Addition to a Fairtrade Family

How Fairtrade Premiums Pay for Workers Health Care

Outside Sialkot, Pakistan, there is a small village called Gaper where a large Banyan tree is centred providing welcome shade from the sweltering heat. The lush, paddy fields surrounding the village are home to numerous tropical birds and Water Buffalos who wallow in the mud pools. 

Gaper is a very poor village; the road is extremely rutted and the few buildings are single-story brick dwellings that house large families. We met the Khan family who had just been joined by a new arrival of a healthy baby boy a few days before. His Mother, Mushulcut, is holding her new baby who was delivered at a good hospital in Sialkot where she stayed 24hours after giving birth.

The hospital fees and all necessary health care were paid entirely by the Fairtrade welfare scheme, “I am very thankful that the hospital was paid for,” she said, “without this we would be in debt. My last baby was also delivered with the help of the welfare scheme, she was a girl. Now we have a boy we have called him ‘Morcadus’ which means ‘The Holy’.”

Mushulcut’s husband, Selferaz, was also keen to explain how helpful the Fairtrade scheme has been, “we are a Fair Trade family,” he smiles.

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Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading