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Mohammad Sarwar - Hospital Fee’s Paid Fair Trade

ETHLETIC Trainer Worker

It was close to the end of an ordinary working day in May 2010, when a phone call came through to the ETHLETIC factory in Talon, Pakistan, for fifty year old Mohammad Sarwar. His wife Bushrabibi, aged 45, and three of their children had been hit by a speeding motorcyclist when crossing the road in their village Bhilomar.

They had wanted to get to the bus stop on the other side of the street in order to visit Bushrabibi's mother in the village Koraky near Daska. The motorcycle driver who hit them did not even stop. Bushrabibi suffered only scratches, but Faizan Ali, aged 7, broke his left leg, ten year old Madhia's elbow was fractured, and her eight year old sister Zunara broke her arm.

Mohammad rushed to the site of the accident and hired a private car for RS 500 that took all four to Barik Health Services, a private hospital in Daska, the nearest town to his home village. The Talon Fair Trade Welfare Society has an agreement with this hospital to look after the health of all Talon employees, who live south of the factory and thus too far away from the main hospital in Sialkot.

The treatment costs of RS 10 000 (about £80) were paid for by the society, as was the car fare and all follow up expenses including the bus fare for the return journey: RS 50 for an adult, RS 25 for children. Fortunately, two months after the accident, a few scars are the sole visible reminders. Only when Madhia pumps water at the tube well she still feels some pain in her elbow.

The family has had to use health services provided by the Talon Fair Trade Welfare Society frequently, mostly because of stomach problems resulting from contaminated water or food. There was also the birth of their youngest family member, Husnan Ali, now five months old, who had to be delivered by C-section. The couple have three older sons: Rizwan Ali, aged 22, who works as a mason helper when he can find work, Zeesham Ali, aged 20, who helps a tailor, and Sulman aged 16, who left school after 3rd grade and helps his brother, Sulman. When we visited, baby Ali and his mother were not feeling well and required another visit to the hospital - again paid for.

Mohammad has been with the ETHLETIC factory in Talon for seven years, initially in the ball bladder section (sport balls), and now with a permanent contract in the trainers section for the last three years; he grinds the excess rubber off the soles after moulding. All three children involved in the accident go to school - and therefore qualified for a free schoolbag with notebooks, pencils etc., another project of the Welfare Society financed by Fair Trade premiums.

Check out our range of ETHLETIC trainers that provide health care costs for families such as Mohammad’s through the Fair Trade premiums. 

Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading