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Mr Dadmanabhan - Fair Trade Help for Health Insurance

Health Insurance from the Fair Trade Fund

Mr Dadmanabhan, aged 58, has been working for 38 years as a rubber tapper in India. He has two sons aged 25 and 23 and a daughter aged 28 years old. The younger son Mahesh is a trained driver but after having just received his license and looking for work, he hit a pot hole and crashed.

Unfortunately, his bike landed directly on him and the impact broke his hip. He required an operation that cost a total of RS 200,00,  nine months after the accident he is still limping and still cannot get work.

Fortunately the Fair Trade fund, established by our sourcing partners, were able to pay RS 100 000 towards his recuperation costs which was a significant contribution and alleviated some of the financial burden the accident caused him and his family.

Fair Corp are keen to provide more people like Mr Dadmanabhan and his family the support they need in order to sustain a decent lifestyle.

Check out our Fair Trade rubber products to help Mr Dadmanabhan and people like him.

Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading