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Mr Sadasivan - An Ethical Wedding Fair

Wedding Costs Help from Fair Trade Premiums in South India

Mr Sadasivan is a happy man; he recently arranged the wedding of his 23 year-old daughter Sajithra (the groom works in a dental lab, which should keep the bride and the father in law smiling!)  But as the father of the bride, Mr Sadasivan has had to pay for all the wedding costs himself. This would have posed a serious problem as the standard income from working in a rubber factory in South India would never have been sufficient to cover this.

Fortunately though, our sourcing partners are buying rubber under Fair Trade conditions from the plantation that employs Mr Sadasivan. This means that for every 1kg of rubber sold, a Fair Trade premium is paid into a separate account over which a joint body, consisting of plantation and factory workers (as well as some management representatives), has full authority over. This committee has used the premiums to provide additional pension coverage for all workers - but at 52 years old Mr Sadasivan still has some time to go until he can benefit from that. But given the occasion the joint body gave him a grant to help with the costs of the wedding, so how better to celebrate Sajithra’s special day than with a box of FDT balloons?

Check out our range of rubber products to help Mr Sadasivan and others like him provide for his family. 

Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading