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Rezwan Waris - Micro-credits for Maximum Ethics

How Fair Trade Premiums Pay for Micro-credit

When Rezwan does his ironing he overlooks the busy side street outside in Pasrur, a historic town close to Sialkot, Pakistan. "Daoud Ahmed's Laundry Shop" announces a beautifully drawn sign on the shop window.

Next to Rezwan, white, light blue, grey and beige kurtas and pyjamas, the long shirts and wide cotton trousers men in Pakistan traditionally wear, are neatly folded and stacked high on the shelf. His brother Mohammad is a football stitcher at Talon, which made 23-year old Rezwan eligible to receive a RS 30,000 loan from the Talon Fair Trade Workers Welfare Society and set up his laundry business.

The most expensive investment was the large washing machine and spin drier, which his mother, Shadah, operates at home just a few minutes walk away from the shop. Six suits or twelve pieces of laundry can go through the 15 minute washing cycle at a time and are then dried on the roof of the house.

Since Daoud Ahmed's Laundry opened in December 2006, business has been going well. Depending on the fabric type Rezwan charges between RS 25 and RS 30 for washing and ironing a set of kurta / pyjamas - and the average male in Pasrur gets through three to four sets per week. After paying the rent and other expenses like detergents, Rezwan earns between RS 200 and RS 250 per day, which equals a Fair Trade football stitching wage and provides a reliable, continuous income for himself and support for his parents and siblings.

The laundry has proven to be so popular with customers that Rezwan's cousin has decided to join the business; at the beginning of October he set up a table in the back of the shop and has started sewing and altering suits. This business was made possible by the Fair Trade premiums we pay for ETHLETIC trainers.

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Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading