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Sameena Nyaz - Decent Healthcare through Ethical Projects

How Fairtrade Premiums Help Pay for Healthcare

Sameena Nyaz is 18 years old, single, and lives in a village called Chagelen near Sialkot, the world capital of football production in Pakistan. Her father runs the snack shop in the football stitching centre 200 meters away, which was built by Talon Sports, the first Fairtrade football supplier. Sameena goes there to stitch footballs and it is due to Fairtrade that this local centre is available. 

Most football stitching used to be done in the home but this was phased out by the big companies in an attempt to eradicate child labour. This had a hugely negative impact on families as companies moved the work into big factory units in order to prevent child labour but they effectively locked out women who could not afford to be away from home for the whole day. After home-based stitching stopped, the local stitching centre was one of the first where women could continue such work. Sameena is one of eleven siblings; she has seven sisters and four brothers, two of the older siblings also stitch balls.

Stitching wages are low, only Fair Trade buyers pay enough to enable the three children to provide their family with all the basic necessities. Sameena never had the chance to attend school; instead she has been contributing to the family income from an early age, and has now been stitching for over three years. The family has a small hut and a kitchen garden, in which everyone helps out contributing to their everyday lifestyle. Not long before this photo was taken Sameena had to have a thyroid operation - the bandage on her neck is still there. All costs were paid for by the Fair Trade Welfare Society - the health care scheme made possible by the Fairtrade premium that is paid on every Fairtrade ball that is made.

Check out our Fairtrade, ethical footballs to help people like Sameena and her family. 

Published 11/10/11

Photo(s) ® M.Kunz Fair Deal Trading
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